SoundRacer V8 – Mustang Sound Through Your Speakers

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Hungry for a V8 engine sound but don't want the challenge of an engine swap? The SoundRacer V8 syncs to your engine and plays the sounds through your speakers for an ultra-realistic experience of a roaring Mustang V8.

  1. Plug in the SoundRacer in the car 12V (cigarette lighter) socket available in all cars.
  2. Find a free FM frequency on the car stereo and set the SoundRacer to the same frequency. You can also connect directly to the radio AUX input if available in your car, cable is included. The sound of an idling engine is heard from the car speakers 
  3. Start engine and make a short rev to about 3000 rpm and down. Three beeps will  indicate that SoundRacer have synchronized with the car engine rpm.

List of compatible cars