Kleen Freaks Snow Foam 1 Litre

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Kleen Freaks latest Snowfoam formula will cover your car in a thick blanket of foam, softening and lifting the dirt away from your paintwork without stripping your existing wax or LSP. 

A highly effective first stage in detailing, Snowfoam quickly lifts away dirt and grime, preparing your car for further cleaning. 

Bottle Size: 1L

Foam Lance : 1 inch of snow foam into the foam bottle and top up with warm water. Spray onto the paintwork and allow to dwell making sure it does not dry on the surface. Rinse thoroughly.

Hand Pump Foamer : add no more than 100ml into your hand pump and top up with warm water to just below the max mark, this allows room for air pressure to build up. Pump the foamer up until max pressure is reached. Spray onto the car and repeat the pumping process when the pressure starts to drop. Allow to dwell and rinse thoroughly without letting the snowfoam dry.

Tip : Using warm deionised water will increase the thickness of the foam.