KeySmart: Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

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Reach for your keychain! Did you pull out a bulky mess of keys? The KeySmart will organize that mess and free up your pockets! Includes LOOP PIECE to attach larger car keys or fobs and can accommodate up to 8 standard-sized house keys (this version is ideal for keys 55-80mm in length).

Can your friends hear your keys rattling from a mile away? Go into stealth mode and eliminate your keys from jingling while you're out and about.

Do you ever get poked by your keys when you sit down? Getting poked not only hurts but can damage your trousers or your bag. That will no longer be an issue with your neatly organized KeySmart Key Holder!

KeySmart can hold all of your existing keys. No need to head out and get special keys cut.