Colour Changing 501 T10 W5W LED Sidelight Bulbs

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Transform the look of your car with these colour changing LED bulbs. Choose from 16 colours to compliment your ride, or switch between flashing, fading and colour switching modes. Suitable for applications such as sidelights, interior lights and number plate lights.

As the remote is infrared it needs line of sight with the bulbs to change their colour.

16 colours including white.

These bulbs are not compatible with CANBUS without a resistor adapter kit - please check compatibility with your car before purchasing.

These lights are not permitted for use on a public road. Strictly for static and show use.

  • 5050 LED chip for ultra-long life
  • 360° beam pattern
  • Silica coated for moisture resistance
  • Fits sidelights, interior lights, number plates etc
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Current: 0.16A
  • Power: 2W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatibility: T10 W5W 194 168

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