Carbon Collective Platinum Wheel Coating


Platinum Wheels

Carbon Collective's Platinum Wheels sealant can be used on painted, powder coated, bare metal aluminium and stainless. Once applied the coating becomes the active layer on top of the wheels surface, protecting them from dirt, brake dust ,contaminants and even scratches.

Resistant to heat and chemicals, it lasts 2 years on a full application, wheels become effortless to clean & maintain.

This 15ml bottle has enough product to protect 6-8 wheels (size dependant) It can also be used to coat metal centre caps and exhaust tips.

The new updated packaging now includes a tamperproof dropper cap & revised cotton wool applicators to help you get the most from your bottle.

  • New v2 Foil Packaging with Instructions
  • Upgraded dropper bottle
  • 5 Lint Free Applicators

Apply 3-4 drops onto the lint free applicator provided. Apply the coating evenly, one pane at a time. Bonding beings immediately.

Remove excess from the surface within 1-2 minutes with a light wipe or a microfibre cloth.

Avoid contact with eyes & skin, do not ingest, refit cap tighly after use.