Spinning Turbo Air Freshener


Get a fresh boost of scent simply by turning up the A/C in your car. The turbine spins even on the lowest fan settings, so you're sure to get fresh fragrances circulating around the cabin, no matter what you drive.

Available in 5 different replaceable scents: Jet Ice, Peach, Sakura, Squash, and Vanilla.

Scents last up to 21 days (on low settings, under ambient conditions) and are easily replaceable with our scent refills. Click here to order scent refills.

What's Included?

  • 1x Turbo air freshener
  • 1x Vent clip
  • 1x Vanilla Scent 

Shipping: Worldwide (Shipped from the USA, import fee's may occur)
Weight: 33g

Warning: To prevent internal damage to the turbo air freshener, discard or replace the installed scent once it has been used for 21 days.