Carbon Collective Platinum Paint Coating


Platinum Paint, the future in paint protection, this dedicated paint coating forms a permanent bond directly to the paint’s surface becoming the active top layer. Protecting your paint from Fallout, bird droppings tar, chemicals, UV rays & even minor scratches for up to two years.

Unlike ordinary waxes, this sealant has anti-static & self cleaning properties making this very low maintenance, no need to re-apply or partner with a wax or detailer, this is all you need.

  • New v2 Foil Packaging with Instructions
  • Upgraded dropper bottle
  • 30ml solution included
  • 5 Lint Free Applicators

Platinum Paint Our Platinum Paint coating can be used on painted, gel coat, carbon fibre, bare metal aluminium and stainless surfaces.

Application instructions : Application must take place above 5 C in a well ventilated area, whilst wearing protective gloves. Do not dilute. Avoid application in direct sunlight.

Surface condition is important, ensure all surfaces are free of waxes, oils & dressings, ideally wiped with a 30% mix of isopropyl alcohol prior to application. Apply two to three drops onto the lint free applicator provided, or alternatively directly onto the suede applicator cloth in our application kit, apply the coating panel by panel (see fig 1 & 2), larger panels may need to be coated in sections.

Bonding begins immediately, remove excess within 1-2 minutes with a light wipe of a micro fibre cloth. One applicator per panel Is recommended. If applying two coats please leave 2 hours before the second coat.

Maintenance : Maintained correctly the coating will last for around 2-3 years. This coating requires no special maintenance, coating durability is improved when cleaned with PH neutral car shampoo, snow foam’s & citrus degreaser's. Avoid acid based wheel cleaners & high PH cleaners. Remove sealant that comes into contact with, glass, trim and tires immediately.

Caution : Avoid contact with eyes & skin. Do not ingest. Refit cap tightly after use .